Terms and Conditions Wedding Bookings

1. Your booking is at risk until your booking form and a non-refundable booking fee is received.

2. Your booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable unless the "company" is unable to fulfill the booking, at which time a full refund of your deposit will be given.

3. The "Company" reserve the right to cancel or transfer your booking at any point, to another member of the pro team should this be required due to illness or unforeseeable circumstances.

4. Cancellation of any booking by the "client" must be given in writing by email and can only be confirmed once your cancellation is acknowledged in writing. The following cancellation fees apply if the booking is cancelled by the "client" and any payments made are non-refundable:
Fees Applied
Up to 4 calendar months prior to the Date - None
4 calendar months to 12 weeks prior to the date - 50% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation.
12 weeks prior to the day and under - 100% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation.

Your final invoice will be sent for payment upon writing of cancellation is acknowledged and received.  The payment will be due upon receipt of the invoice.  

5. The "client" has the right to cancel a booking with no cancellation fee applied if she is unhappy or unsatisfied with the service supplied prior to or during the trial. The "client " will be required to follow point 4 of this contract if they wish to cancel all services for the wedding day within 24 hours of attending your trial appointment.  Your wedding day date is held in principle until your trial has taken place.  If you no longer wish to use the services of the "company" then the date will become available for others to book.  This does not apply if the Wedding Booking Contract is signed, as the client has then confirmed their satisfaction and requirements for the wedding day.

6. You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days of initial booking without giving any reason under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. The cancellation period expires after 14 days of payment of deposit. The booking fee becomes non-refundable if your trial is taken before the 14-day period.  The booking fee also becomes non-refundable if a trial or service has taken place within 14 days of making the payment or booking fee.  You need to send your cancellation in time of the 14 day period in order to exercise the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.  The fees applied in point four become applicable if you cancel your booking after 14 days.  If you cancel a booking after a trial and additional clients of the wedding party have paid a deposit, in these circumstances no refunds will be made.

7. If you cancel this contract within 14 days then the "company" will re-reimburse to you all payments received from you.

8. The "client"  agrees to declare any allergies, sensitivities or reactions prior to or during or after application. You must also inform me of any known sensitivities/reactions/ contra-indications. If no known allergies, reactions or sensitivities  are stated, then the "company" cannot be held liable for any losses, injuries, reactions, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to the bride or a member of her wedding party for the trial and on the wedding day.  

9. Bride/client agrees that if after booking there are any decreases to the booking for the wedding day, their booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  No changes can be made to the booking in the 12 weeks leading up to the wedding date and you final invoice will include the costs agreed.

10. The "client" agrees to the "company" and her pro-team working in a vape and cigarette smoke-free environment.  If the "company" are uncomfortable, mistreated or abusive/violent or displays offensive behavior the "company" has the right to cancel your contract without refund.

11. The "client" accepts and understands that if they agree to have their before/after photographs taken by the "company" reserves the right to use any such images on social media and our website for promotional purposes.  You are able to notify the "Company if you wish to opt out.

12. The "company" will en-devour to accommodate wedding date changes you may have due to unforeseen circumstances.  It is not always possible to accommodate date changes due to already being booked on the date you wish to change to.  In the circumstance of not being able to apply a change of wedding date your booking will be treated as a cancellation and point 4 will apply.

13. In the unlikely event that the "company" is not able to attend the wedding date booked due to illness or adverse circumstances the "company" will en-devour to find a suitable hair stylist and/or make-up artist with the same skill set who will attend to the hair and make-up requirements of the wedding day.  Any notes and photographs will be transferred to the artist or stylist.  Their fees will also be paid if they are part of the "companies" pro team.  In the unlikely event of not being able to find a suitable replacement all fees for the wedding day will be refunded.

14.  The "company" will agree your itinerary of timings for the wedding day with the "client" if the "client" or any member of the wedding party are late the "company" cannot guarantee that the services booked will be completed within the initially agreed itinerary.

15. If the "company" are required to travel for your wedding with prior agreement of the "client" accommodation, flights, mileage fees, congestion charges, taxis, transfers, tolls and parking fees are to be covered by the "client" .  These fees will be agreed by both the "client" and the "company" prior to the wedding date.

16. The "company" will use professional materials and sanitation process in relation to hair styling and make-up application including airbrushing.  The "company" hold valid insurance which a copy is available on request.  The "company" is qualified to degree level to carry out hair styling, airbrushing, skin care advice and make-up.

17.  Limitation of liability: The "client" agrees not to hold the "company" responsible for any allergic reactions developed as a result of of hair styling, make-up application and airbrush make-up that may occur.  Neither party will be held liable for any losses in breach of this contract unless such losses are foreseeable consequence of the breach.  

18. The "company" ensure that all electrical equipment conforms to the electricity at work act and all portable items are PAT tested yearly.  A copy of compliance is available on request.

19. The "company" holds public liability insurance and is a member of BECTU insurance through Hencilla.  Copies are available on request should the "client" or their suppliers require a copy.

20. The "client" agrees to pay any trials payments on the date the trial is held and the "client" agrees to pay the final wedding balance invoice no later than 14 days before the date of the wedding.


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